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03.03.2020 / kyrgyzstan

Tenants of Caravan shopping center hold rally in Bishkek

Tenants of Caravan shopping center hold rally in Bishkek
Tenants of Caravan shopping center hold a rally in Bishkek. Protesters addressed the President Sooronbai Jeenbekov. They ask the head of state to protect them and not to deprive them of their jobs.

According to the participants, the State Property Management Fund put up Caravan shopping center for sale. Protesters ask to remove Caravan shopping center from online auction.

«As you know, Caravan previously belonged to Nariman Tyuleev, we bought the right to rent these boutiques from him. We invested a deposit of $ 3,000 each. We survived two revolutions, restored the shopping center after them at our own expense. The boutiques are equipped at our own expense,» tenant of the shopping center Alima Suleimanova told.

Recall, Caravan shopping center was confiscated from the ex-deputy of the Parliament and the former mayor of the capital Nariman Tyuleev by court order. It was taken into state ownership in 2017. The State Property Management Fund promised that the shopping center would operate in the same mode despite change of its owner.