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06.07.2023 / International

HLPF 2023: The clock is ticking for a new social contract based on SDG 8 and social dialogue

HLPF 2023: The clock is ticking for a new social contract based on SDG 8 and social dialogue
"Workers are the backbone of global efforts to save the planet." Akiko Gono, ITUC.

The SDGs give us the blueprint to address the problems the world is facing and the trade unions’ proposal for a new social contract shows how workers can make the changes that are needed. They’ll build the cities with clean water, green energy and sustainable infrastructure. They’ll run the industries of the future.

But to do this, they want their rights to be respected with security and equality at work, recognition through decent working conditions, living wages, social protection and a voice in decision-making through social dialogue.

Time is running out. Governments must act now, together with social partners, to accelerate action on SDG 8 and achieve the 2030 Agenda.


  •  Reinforce the role of social dialogue as a key means of implementation of the 2030 Agenda and in strategies to build recovery and resilience from the Covid-19 crisis: To be sustainable, crisis response measures must be built on the engagement of social partners. Social dialogue and industrial relations help to rebuild democracy and trust in institutions and contribute to crafting equitable and sustainable policies.
  •  We need a new model of global governance to redress the current imbalance of power and uneven distribution of wealth at the international level: A truly inclusive multilateral system where social partners are on board and have a say.
  •  Ensure the implementation of adequate financing strategies that include an increase in the quantity and quality of Official Development Assistance (ODA); debt relief restructuring and cancellation; the implementation of progressive taxation systems and a multilateral reform of the current corporate tax architecture, including a minimum tax floor of 25 per cent for all corporations, a billionaires’ or wealth tax, and a financial transactions tax; tackling tax evasion, tax avoidance and illicit financial flows; reallocation of Special Drawing Rights and business accountability.
  •  Improve the quantity, quality and accessibility of data to input into transparent and inclusive national policy and decision-making processes.
  •  Implement digitalisation strategies that promote Just Transitions and life-long learning, while minimising intrusive monitoring, surveillance and algorithmic control over workers.


⏰Time is running out!
Trade unions propose a
based on #SDG8 and
constructive #socialdialogue
to boost the implementation
of the #2030Agenda


Source: ITUC